Vision & Mission


The trustees have a dream to support 4,00,000 students by the year 2017-18 and mobilize and disburse a budget of 200 crores (approx US$.50 Millions). The trustees apart from sparing no effort firmly believe that their dream will turn to reality by the Will of Allah.

The empowerment of the poorest of the poor children and youth from remote and interior villages of Andhra Pradesh with education will enable them to achieve their objective and cascade into economic up-liftment of their families to better demographic levels. The object is to upgrade the quality of citizens in general and Muslim citizens in particular. A separate link is provided for vision 2015 that describes the goal in detail.

By year 2020 we hope to support and help to create over 100,000 professionals and graduates. Inshallah.


Assist the less fortunate strata of the society towards better demographic level by empowering them through education.