Tsunami Relief project - Report

Date: 12-04-2005

Dear Brothers & Sisters

We are pleased to inform you that the Tsunami Relief project is in the final stages of completion. The project has been extremely successful and effective. We have carried out the Relief operation in coordination with our Sister NGO Foundation For Economic & Educational Development (FEED). This has brought a very good name to our Organization and for the first time the beneficiaries have admitted that all the communities including Muslims and Hindus have been totally united. The Senior Government Officials in whose presence the relief was distributed as per rules laid down by the Tamilnadu Government, have been thoroughly satisfied and have appreciated that a muslim NGO has come forward for the rescue of the victims without any discrimination.

Cooperation by Indian Army:

We are extremely thankful to Munsif Daily, Sultan-ul-Uloom Education Society staff and employees, M/s. Saroo Rubber Co., M/s. Zinda Tilismath, MERCY USA and Spring Field School, for their kind donation towards Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation. We are also grateful to all the individuals who have contributed for the Tsunami Relief. We have incurred a combined total expenditure of about Rs.1 crore on the complete project.

We are giving hereunder the details of the relief distributed under various projects for Tsunami Relief:-

  • Distribution of Family Kits/Kitchen Kits: 2200 Kitchen Kits/Family Kits containing food packets, shelters, new clothes for elders and children, kitchen utensils, Unani medicines, slippers and many other small items have been distributed to the effected families. Total amount spent Rs.42.95 lakhs.
  • Re-establishment of Petty Businesses: This has been a very important aspect of our relief as most of these petty businesses were effected due to Tsunami as their business was only in coastal areas catering to the tourists visiting the seashores. Their businesses have been re-established and are now doing better businesses than what they were doing before the Tsunami. 339 businessmen have been covered all along the coast of Tamilnadu. Total amount spent Rs.13.90 lakhs.
  • Scholarships to Students: We have realized during our inspection of the coastal areas that due to complete destruction of the houses due to Tsunami they have lost all their assets and they had no other option but to give up their education as they were left with nothing to pay the fees for the year and some of them had even discontinued going to the colleges as they could not pay the fees. We have enlisted such students and paid their fees after conducting interviews and investigation about their financial position. We have covered 207 such students and their fees was paid to their respective colleges directly by cheque. All the students have joined the colleges once again and continuing their education. Total amount spent Rs.4.85 lakhs.
  • Distribution of School Bags: During our visit to the various colonies our volunteers have noticed that the students lost all their books, notebooks, school bags due to Tsunami and they were unable to prepare for their exam. Even though Government has exempted the school students from payment of fees but they were unable to study further due to loss of books and notebooks. Distributed about 2,000 school bags containing notebooks, pencil box, pencils, rubber etc. to the effected students. Very Senior Officials of the Tamilnadu Government participated in the distribution of the school bags and appreciated our efforts in distribution of this unique item. Total amount spent Rs.3.20 lakhs.
  • Distribution of 1000 Ceiling Fans: Our volunteers during inspection have realized that due to onset of summer the camps comprising of single room were enclosed from all sides and the same were getting heated up. The effected persons were unable to use the camps due to immense heat. This project has also been appreciated by the Senior Government Officials and they have requested us to make arrangements for more fans. Total amount spent Rs.6.63 lakhs.
  • Construction of Housing Colony: We have decided to construct about 20 houses in the village of Vuyyarikuppam in Pudupattinam District. These are effected families of Muslim fishermen who have shifted from the coast as their houses have been completely destroyed. The work for the construction of the houses will start in the month of April, 2005. Total amount budgeted Rs.25 lakhs.

Jazakallah Khair

Yours Truly
Ghiasuddin Babukhan
General Secretary