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Price of a Dream

Sura Mohammad: 26:36:38 Behold! You are those who are called to spend in the Cause of Allah, yet among you are some who are niggardly (stingy). And whoever is stingy it is only at the expanse of his own self. But Allah is Rich (Ghani-Free from all needs - needs nothing) and you (all mankind) are poor (beggars).And if you turn away (from Islam and the obedience of Allah) He will Exchange you for some other People and they will not be like you.

This is the experience of Mirza Yavar Baig, former Trustee

I have titled this article "The Price of a Dream"……… because yesterday, I learnt what the price of a dream was. The price of a dream of a child. The price of a dream of a Muslim child. And what was it??

First some stories ……. True stories. Allah is the witness over them and me. And over you, dear reader.

Once upon a time there was a man and his wife. And they had a little daughter. Then the man died. His wife had nothing, no skills, no wealth, no property, no support, no help, nothing. Just her little daughter. Two women, alone in the world.

So she did the only thing she could do while still maintaining some semblance of dignity, she became a beggar. No there is no spelling mistake. She started to beg to feed herself and her daughter. They lived in a little hut. They still do. When I Say, "little"; I mean LITTLE. With a Low door that you have to bend double to enter.

The women and her little daughter had no electricity problem as they had no electricity. They had no plumbing problem as they had no running water. They had no security problems as they had nothing that anyone would want to steal. That is how they lived.

Yet the women had a dream……….. Strange unreasonable women that she is ……. She had a dream and that was to educate her daughter. Can you believe it? She dared to actually dream!! All the while, begging for food for herself and her child.

In her village there was a school run by our Trust (Hyderabad Zakat & Charitable Trust) that runs free elementary schools for village children. She sent the little girl there. The little girl studied. Often not enough to eat. Certainly no luxuries, ever ……….yet she studied and she too had a dream of her own. Another unreasonable women, eh!

She dreams that one day she would become a teacher. Meanwhile she went to a local Qur'anic School run by the imam of the village masjid and learnt to read the Qur'an. She became so good at it, that when the teacher went on leave, she would officiate in his place and would teach the other kids how to read the Qur'an. All the while she studied and held onto her dream. To become a teacher.

In order for her to become a teacher, she needed to go to college and that meant she had to pay the fees. And she had no money.

That is when I met her as she applied for a scholarship to us. The child had a score of 80%. Remember she is the daughter of a beggar living in a hut with no electricity, water, nothing. And she had a score of 80%.

And that it how I learnt the price of her dream.

Rs.3500.00 (approximately SAR 250 or US$ 90).

That incidentally is less than the price of a meal my friends and I had at a restaurant the other day.

And for that price this teacher of the Qur'an, this daughter of a beggar will be able to take herself and her mother out of their hut and live a life of dignity and honor.

What do you think we should do? I can tell you many such stories Ad infinitum. All true.

About a mother, a widow who grazes cattle in the day and shell milk in the evening so that her son can complete his M Tech course and become a software engineer.

About a boy whose father is a manual labourer and they live in a rented mud house in the village. Yet the boy studied and came 117 in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering) an all India selection exam for the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) for which several hundred thousand student sit. This boy not only got selected to the IIT Delhi but in the interview came # 4.

All stories of young Muslim people, who strive not only for themselves but who when they succeed, will rescue their entire families from the terrible grind of poverty that enslaves them. Young people who work very hard, earning, living and studying at the same time, with a single mindedness of purpose which is mind-boggling to see. Young people who make sacrifices that would leave us frozen with fear. Yet when we met them, they smiled and laughed and made little of things they took in their stride that would seem insurmountable barriers to lesser mortals like myself.

All young people who have only one barrier that they need help to surmount. The barrier of the price of the education that they hunger for. And what is that price?

The price of half a meal in a restaurant. The Price of one day in a holiday that we mindlessly take after becoming exhausted living in the luxury that we have become accustomed to and hardly notice. Less than what it costs to feed your dog. And if you live in the west less than what it costs you to keep your cat fed and cared for.

That is the price of creating a new life for an entire family. That is the price of the dream of a child. And insha'Allah that is the price of Jannah.

Expressions of Mr. Gowra Srinivas, President, Federation of Telangana & A.P Chamber of commerce Industry

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Sent: 25 December 2017 16:22
Subject: Services of Foundation

Dear Mr.Ghiasuddin,

Thank you very much for having invited me as Chief Guest for distribution of scholarship to orphan student meeting. It was a very nice opportunity to meet the Trustees and Organizers. You are doing yeoman service to unfortunate student. I wish you long life with good health to serve the poor and downtrodden for making them worthwhile citizen of the Nation. Your contribution to Nation building is phenomenal.

Received photo album taken on this occasion. Thank you very much



Dist: Krishna
Village: Vuyyuru, Edu No. 31355
Name: Sk.Nazia Sultana
Course: 1-MCA
Father's Name: Sk. Maqbool
Father's Profession: Lorry Driver
Family Income: 1500/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 95.

Dist: Prakasham
Village: Markapur, Edu No. 45755
Name: Mogal Kareem Basha
Course: 1-B.Tech
Father’s Name: Khasim Baig
Father’s Profession: Slate Worker
Family Income: 1600/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 95

Dist: Guntur
Village: Piduguralla, Edu No. 20859
Name: R. Vasu Naik
Course: IIT – 1st Year
Father’s Name: Balu Naik
Father’s Profession: Gunnis Work
Family Income: 2500/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 95.66.

Dist: Krishna
Village: Vuyyuru, Edu No. 31465
Name: Rehana Sultana Begum
Father’s Name: Md. Akbar
Father’s Profession: Shop Clerk
Family Income: 1700/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 90.5.

Dist: Prakasham
Village: Podili , Edu No. 45189
Name: Sk. Hasan Mohammad
Course: 1-B.Tech.
Father’s Name: Mastan Vali (late)
Father’s Profession: - -
Family Income: 1500/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 95. (Yateem).

Dist: Prakasham
Village: Ulavapudu , Edu No. 45798
Name: Avisa.Jnanateja
Course: BITS PILANI -1
Father’s Name: Seshagiri Rao
Father’s Profession: Tea Powder Seller
Family Income: 1500/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 92.

Dist: Prakasham
Village: Elehur , Edu No. 45171
Name: T. Baji Shaik
Course: 1-Degree
Father’s Name: Sk. T. Dariya Vali
Father’s Profession: Labour
Family Income: 1500/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 90.

Dist: Khammam
Village: Pinnapaka, Edu No. khm/76
Name: Sk. Nagul Meera
Course: 1-B.Tech.
Father’s Name: Madhar (late)
Father’s Profession: --
Family Income: 1200/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 96.

Dist: Karimnagar
Village: Jagtiyal, Edu No. Jgl/90
Name: Haseena Begum
Course: MCA 1st Year
Father’s Name: Abdullah
Father’s Profession: Tailor
Family Income: 3500/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 92.

Dist: Khammam
Village: Khammam, Edu No. Khm/124
Name: Sk. Javed Baba
Course: 1-B.Tech
Father’s Name: Sk. Lal Saheb
Father’s Profession: Kirana Shop
Family Income: 1500/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 92.

Dist: Khammam
Village: Sathupally, Edu No. khm/297
Name: Nd. Nazneen
Course: 1-B.Tech.
Father’s Name: Rafiuddin
Father’s Profession: Auto Driver
Family Income: 1500/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 94

Dist: Khammam
Village: Dammapeta, Edu No. 378
Name: Sk. Mastan Vali
Course: 1-B.Tech.
Father’s Name: Sharifuddin (late)
Father’s Profession: --
Family Income: 1200/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 94.

Dist: Khammam
Village: Relakayalapally, Edu No. 08-06
Name: Shaik Rafi
Course: B.E. 1
Father’s Name: Hussain
Father’s Profession: Auto Driver
Family Income: 2000/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 92.4.

Dist: Adilabad
Village: Manchiryala, Edu No. 09-06
Name: Nawaz Khan
Course: B.E. 1.
Father’s Name: Mansoor Khan
Father’s Profession: Auto Driver
Family Income: 2000/- pm.
Percentage in last Exam. 91.