Scholarship Programme

Scholarship programme to facilitate deserving students from less fortunate strata (Whose family income is less than 8000/- i.e. $ 130 Per month) of the society in seeking higher education has become the major thrust area of the organization. 80% of all mobilized resources are directed here. This can be fathomed from the fact that of the 3,86,142 students supported so far by the organization.

Modus Operandi of Scholarship Programme:

Over the years the trust has developed and perfected a system which ensures that the assistance is provided to the right and deserving candidate.

Commencement of the programme is communicated by phamplets across the 31 districts of Telangana, 12 districts of Andhrapradesh and 8 districts of Maharashtra clearly highlighting the criteria for eligible candidature.The students that meet our criteria fill-up and submit their application forms to designated officers stationed in these 31 districts. An identity card is issued to the applicants by the designated officers after ensuring that the family income of the candidate is less than or equal to Rs.8000.00 ( US$.130) per month.

Each applicant is then investigated by supervisor or inspector stationed closest to the residence of the applicant. Successfully scrutinized candidates are then called to assemble in a large designated area where they qualify certain simple tests and are individually interviewed by volunteers before being recommended for scholarships. Scholarships are sanctioned and disbursed according to the trust norms.

These are children & youth supported through scholarship programme are mostly from the interior villages of above States (AP) and are amongst the poorest of the poor. By assisting them achieve their educational objectives, the donars are automatically facilitating economic up-liftment of their families and enrich the life in their villages. Insha-Allah with the Will of Allah (S.W.T) and continuing support of the donars, we can make many a dream come true.

The Trust is proud to state that during the past 25 years it has successfully supported the creation of 12,000 Engineers, 2,550 Doctors, 1500 Teachers, 300 Nurses, 6000 Masters, 80 Chartered Accountants amongst many others. Some of its sponsored students have qualified from prestigious institutions like IITs, IIMs and BITS Pilani.