Orphans and Widows Support Project

Under our different Trust activities, we have introduced “Young Widows welfare and their kids education project”, during the year 2011-12.

Having observed that, the young widows were facing a number of financial and social problems, we witnessed The pathetic condition of many young widows, who were having children but no means of income to feed them. Having lost the bread earner of the family, they are left with no other option, but to live with their parents or to earn their livelihood by working as servant maid / casual labors to support their children. In most of the cases they were not even having shelter resulting in leading their lives in small huts without any security.

The practical problems being faced by them made us to introduce this project, which can relive them from their hardship at least to some extent.

Alhamdulillah, this project is proved more successful, which is continued since then.

Under this project, we have introduced different schemes such as, Remarriage of young widows, feeding the poor, clothing, scholarships to children of widows.

Alhamdulillah, under this project, in different schemes our Trust spends an amount of Rs.2.75 Crores per annum approximately.

Ramadan Packs Distribution to Young Widows

Scholarship Distribution to Children of Young Widows