Consolidated report on work done for Jammu & Kashmir Earth Quake Relief (Final Phase)

Date: November 27, 2005

Respected Sir/Madam,
Assalamu Alaikum.

Our Trust is pleased to inform its donors about the relief measures taken up for the affected families of Jammu & Kashmir Earth Quake Relief between October 15, 2005 to November 20, 2005 in the worst affected villages which were almost on the Line of Control. United Economic Forum covered a total of 21 Villages in Baramulla & Kupwara Districts of Kashmir which were severely affected during the disaster. Namely Thajal Pawdia, Nambla, Uri Proper, Noorkhah, Bagna, Jambhur Patnan, Sangana, Gwallan, Choti Gwallan, Singtung, Bada Chadan, Khaal, Gulistan, Gulistan Bala, Goriwan, Audur, Sukur of Baramulla District. Ahgam, Rajpora, Sanjimula and Zachaldara of Tehsil Handwara of Kupwada Dist.

Cooperation by Indian Army:

The Indian Army, have been of tremendous help to our team. Without the help of Indian Army it would have been impossible for the United Economic Forum team to take-up relief work in the worst affected interior villages, as the villages were very close to Line of Control. The Indian Army had also organized the distribution process in a very organized manner. We are grateful to Brig. D.S. Hooda, Col. P.K. Singh Commanding Officer, Major Sabarwal adjutant to CO, Col. Amrik Singh, Col Navneet Chabra Commanding Officer, Captain Mukesh of Odoora camp and all the unit members for their active participation for distribution of rehabilitation material.

UEF volunteers, Mr. Nusrath Akber Hussaini, Mr. Ahmed Sayeed, Mr. Mohammed Aliuddin Hyder, Mr. Mohammed Asad Khan along with Mr. S.H.Samdani have visited Kashmir in two phases for personal survey & distribution works being carried out along with our staff. We have spent nearly Rs.69 Lakhs on the following programs till date: -

  • Shelter Material: More than 200 families had been provided with immediate relief in terms of Shelter Kits comprising of Tent, Blankets, Bed sheets, Plastic Sheets & Prayer Mat. These kits were distributed initially in two of the villages. Later on judging the ground reality regarding the snow falls which were to start in a short time, UEF think tank thought about distribution of temporary Zinc Sheet shelters.
  • Zinc Sheet Shelters: A total of 13,000 Zinc sheets have been distributed to almost 1300 affected families so as to enable them to construct temporary shelters. Alhamdullillah the families now have some shelter place to hide their head from the intense cold of minus 2 degrees and also from the snow fall which has recently started.
  • Warm Clothing Material: Our team distributed 600 Nos. Overcoat Material to around 300 families. Our team also distributed 1500 Nos. Thick Blankets to almost 750 affected families.
  • Food Grain Packs: Our team in the initial stage distributed a total of 300 food packs to around 300 families in five villages of Kupwara Dist. where no other organization had reached.
  • Educational Scholarship: Our team identified students affected in the disaster who needed educational assistance towards college fees. UEF distributed scholarship to 210 deserving professional students who had been hard hit with disaster.

We are extremely grateful to Mr. & Mrs. Basheer Khan for their hospitality, local contacts, and cooperation for organizing the relief in Jammu & Kashimr. Without their help it would have been difficult for the our team to organize the work in such a manner and time frame.

We and the affected families of Kashmir Earth Quake are extremely grateful to all the donors particularly MERCY - USA, IDB Jeddah, GBK Charitable Trust, FIMA - Kuwait people abroad and local for their generous donation for this noble cause. The people of Hyderabad have played a vital role in providing relief to the affected families of Kashmir Earth Quake victims.

Jazak Allah Khair

Yours truly,
Ghiasuddin Babukhan
General Secretary