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Institutes of Excellence


It is a catastrophe of astronomical proportions and an acknowledged fact that our present education system is devoid of the very purpose of education - all round development of the personality and true knowledge of the purpose of life. Education has become so profitable a business that quality is lost in the increase of quantity of professional institutions. Apart from failing to produce civilized human beings of cultivated manners, character and integrity; our education system has utterly failed even to produce the professionals of the knowledge worker age. As a result society has suffered in general; and the present generation in particular. The community has suffered the greatest loss - we are the most backward of all the backward communities in India.


During our scholarships and educational aid programmes in the past sixteen years our experience has proved that our community produces many uncelebrated academic toppers at mandal level, district level, and state level each year. Coming from the rural fringes of Andhra Pradesh; and living under thatched roofs and in mud huts they are the poorest of the poor from our community. In a polarized socio-cultural landscape where the winds of hatred blow they have nowhere to go and no door to knock on. They are identified, encouraged, and honoured by us as the "Gems of the Nation." They score more than 90% in their academics.


It has been observed that many of these toppers end up taking admissions in the existing private colleges in the nearby villages for their 2-year intermediate course. Most of these colleges are business oriented and their sole aim is to make profit out of this education industry. Since students have little choice, they take admissions in such colleges where the quality of education is very poor.

Students who have scored above 95% are being targeted by some corporate colleges with the promise of fee exemption. The only objective of these corporate colleges is to use these brilliant students for fetching top ranks in entrance examinations. The entire curriculum, training, and academic focus of these colleges revolve on this single point. As a result, there are, absolutely, no efforts invested in developing soft skills; and the overall personality development of the student. In this rat race of competition, the opportunity of polishing these 'gems' is completely ignored. Adding insult to the injury, these corporate colleges are again found to be exorbitantly collecting full fee in the 2nd year even from these merit students which they have to borrow on heavy rate of interest.

Hence, to change the above system followed by these corporate colleges we propose an alternative paradigm of education: education of excellence and innovation rooted in human values; and overall personality development of the student. A residential campus where character and integrity is nurtured; and leaders of tomorrow are trained.


Observing the above facts, it is envisaged that an Institute of Excellence on the outlines of the Rajiv Gandhi IIIT (which has brought wonderful change in the students, all from village background); without any discrimination of cast, creed, or religion; be established to cater to the needs of these "Gems of the Nation," Insha-Allah. The institute will impart almost free education in an excellent residential setting where they are delivered the best in education.

In such an arrangement, students would be available for at least 12 hours of focussed and intensive coaching, along with regular courses of intermediate education. They would also be sensitized with the eternal and universal principles, human values, and orientation during this period of two years; so that they cherish the desire of becoming informed leaders of tomorrow on joining and graduating from the premier institutions of the country like IITs, BITS, IIScs.; and campus colleges of other prestigious institutes. As most of the students would be handpicked and intelligent, they would be capable of becoming the torch bearers of the nation.


" To contribute to social reform and economic prosperity through educational excellence rooted in human values".


  • To target talented students with remarkable academic performance.
  • To provide focussed training in a residential programme aimed at achieving admissions into the premier institutes of excellence in the country.
  • To facilitate skill development and entrepreneurship development.
  • To facilitate an ideal and value based culture in the campus.
  • To facilitate self-discovery, character building, and leadership development.
  • To ensure excellence in soft skills; and employable skills in every single student.
  • To aggressively prepare students for the task of nation building; and becoming the torch bearers of the nation once they complete their education successfully.


The campus would be air conditioned; and would be located in a secluded and a peaceful place with the best of the surroundings; and away from the rumbles of the town. It will, Insha-Allah, be called " Hyderabad Knowledge City."

To cater to the above stipulated courses and other courses mentioned in the preceding phases it is estimated that about 100 acres of land would be required. The entire campus would be single storey with well planned green buildings.


1. Intermediate College of Excellence.
2. Civil Services Exams Coaching Centre.


An intermediate college of excellence for post-SSC courses would be established for those who have scored above 90% in their SSC. The college will start classes from the academic year 2011-2012, Insha-Allah.

This would be a college of academic and human excellence. Instead of schooling and instruction, the paradigm would be that of education, mentoring, and participation; instead of mindless competition it would be that of knowledge exploration and self discovery; instead of tiresome brooding over in books it would be that of high spirits and athletic zeal. Education would be redefined and the pedagogy would be customized to suit our educational ideals. Best faculty would be absorbed from across the nation to teach in this institute; and would be given the particular orientation suitable to our educational ideals and philosophy. Hence the seed of self discovery; and becoming the torch bearers of the nation would be sown during these two years of their training in our institute. Where ever they go afterward it is ensured that they will not be robbed of their innocence and ideals.

Admissions Policy:
Initially, 250 "Gems of the Nation" would be selected. Those deserving students who could not afford to pay would be sponsored. A lot of other deserving students from financially well-off families and NRIs would be charged on par with the other Institutes of Excellence.


Presently, GBKCT is facilitating civil services exams coaching in the prestigious institutes of Andhra Pradesh by sponsoring ambitious and promising aspirants. The trust provides all the support services required by these students who come from across the state. We fund them and we have been constantly motivating them to persevere in this testing long-term preparation course.

It is envisaged that there would be a fully fledged Civil Services Exams Coaching Centre in the Institutes of Excellence campus. An aggressive campaign would be carried out in Andhra Pradesh and a few other states for spreading awareness. An estimated 100 students would be selected for the year 2011-2012; and this would be a residential programme.

Best coaching and preparation material would be provided to the students. There would be a well furnished reading room housing all of the books, magazines, journals, and the study material required for the programme. Individual laptops with high-speed internet connectivity would be provided to these students. For group discussions, symposia, and seminars they can use the central seminar hall. MoUs would be signed with other such institutions across the country who are delivering the training for non-profit purposes; and expertise would be exchanged mutually for the benefit of these students.

During their year long stay in the campus, the Institute of Excellence will make it a priority to tap the talent of these serious and intellectually mature students for the leadership of the community. Instead of a materialistic worldview of the preparation for the exam, the institute will try to inculcate a sense of social responsibility and nation building as an incentive for them to prepare for civil services. They will be well trained in soft skills and their services will be utilized for community development; and also for the development of the institute after the completion of the course.



Best faculty with high teaching experience in teaching the 2-year intermediate course integrated with EAMCET, IIT, IISc, and BITS entrance exam coaching would be attracted from across the country, so that the students get best of the teaching. To retain the faculty very attractive salaries would be paid; and housing facilities would be provided.

There would be visiting faculty to the campus from across the world. This would enable many of the Hyderabadis who have emigrated to other states, who want to give their services on honorarium or even free of cost. Faculty from other parts of the world eoulf also be invited to the institute. There are many such learned persons, and experienced professionals who have expressed their intention to come and deliver their services in the campus for 2 to 3 months in a year.


Faculty would be provided with decent family accommodation free of cost in the campus itself. They can use their own kitchen facilities if they have families; for bachelors, separate dining facility would be provided so that they do not have any hassles of cooking food.

The environs of the campus would be that of a resort; and attractive enough for the residents and visitors. There would be a Guest House and a few cottages with sufficient number of guest rooms for the visitors who would like to spend time in the Peace Valley and study the concept of the Institute of Excellence. Shuttle bus facility would be provided from Peace Valley to Hyderabad city for the benefit of the staff, faculty, and the visitors.


The institute will provide education and training of the highest benchmark possible; the best technology can facilitate, and with everything (materials, human resources, and equipment) that money can purchase.


The institute will provide equal educational opportunities for the disabled and physically challenged. The institute will provide all necessary arrangements; and aids like three-wheel-chairs; manual wheelchairs; crutches; walking sticks; hearing aids; prosthetic limbs etc. to accommodate such students. Assistive Technologies (AT) would be deployed wherever necessary. We already have a very good collaborative experience with many organizations in this area e.g. Help Handicap of USA in facilitating support to the physically challenged.

Most of such students would be as bright as any other best performing student. On many an occasion, our experience has proved that they are even better than other students in education.


There would be a modern and state-of-the-art Central Library. The computerized library would be equipped with high-speed internet and e-resources from across the world; not just pertaining to their respective courses but also for their general knowledge and up-to-date information on international affairs. The library would be made available to them from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


There would be a sophisticated and wi-fi enabled computer lab with high speed internet, overhead projectors, and other infrastructure to enable demonstration and training within the computer lab itself.


To host various events, academic seminars and debates in the campus a designated space with facilities of international standards would be provided. Apart from the above referred central seminar hall; there would be separate seminar halls in each of the departments.


Separate provision for Girls Hostel and Boys Hostel with dining facilitates would be provided to the students in the campus.


Gymnasia would be provided separately for boys and girls. An indoor swimming pool would be provided for girl students.


Compulsory physical education and fitness training would be provided for the all round development of a healthy mind in a healthy body. The campus would have the best facilities for them separately for boys and girls for sports such as volleyball, football, handball, hockey, cricket, tennikoit, badminton, and tennis etc. In-door games like table tennis, shuttle etc. would also be provided.


Qualified and experienced medical staff would be hired to take care of the students' medical and health requirements. A pharmacy and required number of ambulances would be dedicated for use in emergencies. All the staff and students would be trained in first aid and emergencies.


1. Degree Colleges of Excellence.
2. Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Center


The campus could be expanded into a college with excellence in teaching undergraduate professional courses BBA, BCA, LLB, BLIS, journalism etc., and traditional degree courses such as B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. etc.


This is meant for students, particularly, for those students who have already completed their professional courses such as; and particularly, engineering, pharmacy, MBA, MCA etc., from outside colleges. The reason behind this is a Skill Development, Specialization, and Corporate Training Centre meant to give the final touches to the professional degrees of the students. The short-term courses taught here would equip the students with all necessary soft skills (including spoken English) and other skills required by the industry to the degree of excellence and specialization. At the same time it can be a venue of intellectual orientation and overall personality development.

Apart from this, students who are performing the best in their academics and are poor financially would be selected from across the state, and may be from outside the state too to get free training in this Centre of Excellence. Students from well-off families would also be enrolled for training on payment basis to offset the subsidy of the poor students. During their stay in the campus such students will also be sensitized with eternal and universal principles, human values, and orientation as much as possible as this being a short term course.

These courses would be of 1-month duration. There would be about 200 students in each batch. This would also be a completely residential program within the campus. It is stipulated that around 1000 to 2000 students are trained per year initially.

Placement Cell
There would be in-campus selections for these students after they are fully trained; and made capable of attending any interview by any MNCs.



Students who have completed undergraduate degree from our institute will also have the facility of all the postgraduate courses as well, such as MBA/MCA/M.Sc./MA/M.Com./LLM etc. Their PG courses would be in a designated campus attached to the main campus with all the facilities including separate hostel accommodation for boys and girls.


Students would be encouraged to take up research in those areas in which the institute has achieved specialization; and possess very good infrastructure and intellectual capital. This would in turn not only give us further sophistication in that particular area of knowledge but also would complement to our excellence in teaching as well. This would provide us excellent, well trained and oriented faculty for our Institute of Excellence.


A residential school is being planned from 8th class onwards so that students, who are capable of becoming the torch bearers of the generation, are selected from across the state. Ultimately, this school has got to be from pre-primary to high school level so that it becomes attractive to the faculty to enrol their children into such a school.